Friday, November 14, 2008

current child sex

be carefull for parents, especially for women, I have children ... but do not close the possibility laki2 children do the same things I was ....

Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha shake one's head-head shake one's head to hear accounts of the clients.

A Beautiful, 36 years old, the origin of her behavior, telling the hysterical crying daughter, Nita, 11 years old.

Together the two audience in secondary schools, Nita do shameful disgrace the family and schools. "All of us wrong, give him the freedom to watch any impression without being monitored, including the Internet," said Indah sesenggukan. Tangisnya broken so audiences hear recognition daughter imitate scenes make the movie Sex in the City with a brother class.

According to the Boyke, Nita is not the case. There are other patients who complained that the new daughter aged 7 years while chatting with friends shoulder businesslike style grandfather, petting, making love, and the like.

Clinic owners in the Danville Pasutri this story also mentions another:

a teenage daughter aged 12 years that be because they have never been friends of court and smooch. Because the curious, the teenagers find out on the Internet. Interested in practice, he asks her house and pay the driver.

"Not only the smell, so depraved that a driver had to take a hot stage, that is awesome. As a result, the small white, kebablasan, until
pregnant and does all the commotion (family members), "said the specialist sex is sad.

A story is not insubstantial, but that the more closely and frequently occur. Now the standard is very young and know the sex will exceed their parents. "This is not sex education, but knowledge concerning sex kebablasan and that is fatal," said the doctor white RIVERSIDE with this tone.

Three years ago he only serve adult patients about the complaints of their problems. But now, which came pasutri "side" concerning a strange story concerning sex fruit heart. Boyke recognize the ability of children today, which is called the platinum-era generation, so quickly and easily absorb the knowledge and technology.

Consequently, do not wonder if the kid smell kencur is clever to surf adult sites. "The most important, give sex education for children should need assistance, "Boyke leave".

Likewise Boyke, Elly Risma, Chairman of the Foundation and the Fruit We The active provide reproductive health education for school children, mentions the importance of assistance from parents, teachers, and the environment. "They should follow the developments or to update information about the latest seksologi that knowledge, not behind," he said.

Alzena Masykouri, exceptional teachers in the Faculty of Psychology for a University, Jakarta, said the family is the first and the main fence for growth and development of children in and outside the home.

Rapid knowledge of their sex, especially the impact of technological advances that close to the world's platinum generation, need to be skeptical. "Parents do not" gaptek. "Need sentences (children). There should assist (them) and filter information so that the child is not one step," he said.

Alzena reminded, from the kejiwaan, the child must be clever to absorb and sort the information which is not true and correct it. For moral, not until the child is too late into the thinking of information free to adopt the Western world. HADRIANI P

Tips for Safe

Dr. Boyke Nugraha tip to give fruit to understand the hearts of safe sex. Equip yourself with the latest knowledge. Do not forget to learn the anatomy, physiology, biology, moral, and ethical. Do not blame the progress of technology. Cultivate the values and moral dampingi when they access the Internet. Give restrictions concerning the use of technology, such as access to the Internet only make the task of school. Put the computer in the family room and not in private space. Be careful to provide mobile phone. Seringlah discuss and take advantage of the moment to give sex education in accordance with the age, ability, and how to think. To cultivate a sense of responsibility on the small. Give the understanding that every act, including the matter of sex, there is always the risk and responsibility that must be dipikulnya.

Based on the story above the author concludes that the role of parents is important palagi problem sexual.Dihimbau to provide an understanding of the benar2 cooked in the age dini.Mupeng is an expression that must be dealt with very seriously to avoid hal2 a disadvantage because the people lain.Oleh if you agree with the author's explanation of love over the comments and opinions for the creation of sutu life of the young children safe and controlled environment.


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