Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Action Primitive Intellectual Youth

In the other students started studying in the campus, a number of other students even demonstrate attitudes which should not undertake a tussle with them in between. As this has occurred, follow anarkis students from the University of YAI and the Christian University of Indonesia in Jalan Diponegoro, Central Jakarta, causing a car destroyed.

After police revealed in a number of large, the situation can be and all that more students can enter the campus will be. As a result of this tension, Jalan Diponegoro was paralyzed and closed for several hours [read: Students UKI-YAI Tawuran].

Police not stay silent. To avoid the melee up, Polres Jakpus Taking her second campus. The result is quite astonishing, hard objects hidden in a dangerous ditch. When the suspects held, three students also caught the middle of the street, alcohol in campus [read: Campus UKI and YAI Digeledah].

fracas has been regarded as a rather ordinary things. Therefore, the behavior of primitive squabbling among students must be addressed urgently, because only bring suffering and loss. Stop squabbling, back to the course and make the achievement of glory.

After knowing the event we should be concerned over the situation the country is not better. The actor is that students should build a nation become more better. Lets that it is a successor model.

Economic situation is not stabil, kurs dollar down, The price of oil is down only Rp500 , but where countries come up so better.


Ronald said...

nice post...I understand...

charis said...

thanks...i just give a little information about situation in indonesia and....they are...???

ade said...

saya ngak setuju dengan adanya tawuran.dia ngak jentel.. good idea post

charis said...

saya juga nggak setuju mas tapi begitulah realitanya...kayknya ndonesia tamba lama tambah mati aja...hehehhe

Tripzibit said...

Iya nih. Sebagai rakyat Indonesia saya sangat prihatin melihat keadaan bangsa ini. Banyak masalah sepele buntut2-nya tawuran yg mengakibatkan kerusakan materi yg tdk sedikit dan terkadang merenggut korban jiwa. Ada apa dengan Indonesia???

charis said...

mungkin tanda2 kiamat kali kang...!!


12 years ago I was graduated from Tri Sakti Mechanical Eng Dept.(TMED89). I was one as brutal as the pics. After getting older, I finally realize that all this brawl become a yearly custom and a show of masculinity to earn the Senior respect by the Newbie. It was just like an initiation to joint the macho club.
These yearly agendas and customs must be stopped. Seperating newbies from their older seniors, at these time is the best simple solution in order to break the link.
Campus is for studying and acts as a mirror of intellectuality.
So people, act as one, don't be a disgrace to your Nation.
Is a tough world out there with out knowledge you will ends up in a gutter.
Marked my words