Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Moves To 2009

The next Internet Explorer 8 beta will arrive during the first quarter of 2009, followed by the final release.

The information popped up a in a blog post penned by IE general manager Dean Hachamovitch. Apparently, Microsoft needs more time to analyze all the feedback gathered from every available source:

"Since the release of Beta 2, the team has been absorbed in the data we get from real people about the product.[...]over 20 million IE sessions and hundreds of hours of usability lab sessions.[...] we have scrutinized thousands of threads from user forums and examined the issues that people are raising (not to mention all the times users opt to “Report a Webpage Problem…”). We have also spent hundreds of hours listening and answering questions in meetings with partners and other important organizations.”

Back in July, Microsoft's Bill Veghte had promised that the final version of Internet Explorer 8 would be ready by the end of the year. It seems that Microsoft prefers to be as cautious as possible about this release.

And cautious they should be. The next Internet Explorer version will come packed with CSS 2.1 and HTML 5.0 support. The cherry on the top will be a tag that would enable the correct display of older sites, designed to work with previous IE versions.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Microsoft Silverlight Support in Linux

Microsoft and Linux involved in a cooperation that is called a historic. Microsoft's official support Silverlight run on Linux.

Support was born from the collaboration with Microsoft Novell. Both companies will adopt the Moonlight project is a project that was not authorized to bring Silverlight on Linux.

Moonlight originally developed by the members of the Project Mono code after the initial launch of Microsoft Silverlight in May 2007. Now, once adopted by Novell, Silverlight version 1.0 and 1.1 will also be appropriate in Linux. Even Novell promised Silverlight will be used on the main desktop Linux distribution, not only its Novell Linux.

On the other hand, Microsoft promised to provide access to testing tools, specifications, and video and audio codecs used in the development of Silverlight.

Previously, Microsoft only provides support for Silverlight on the Macintosh and Windows. It is limited to the browser Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Miguel de Icaza, founder of the Mono while Vice President Developer Platforms at Novell, mention this cooperation as something historic in terms of the Open Source project relationship with Microsoft. "They (Microsoft-red) have been collaborating in the areas of servers, for example in Xen and PHP, but this is the first time there is a contribution to the Open Source desktop," said Miguel.

According to Miguel benefit from Microsoft's reach users with Linux and BSD. "While we (the Open Source community-red) to ensure users benefit from the Open Source operating system also can open the site using Silverlight," he said.

Silverlight as a competitor called the Flash technology developed by Macromedia. Silverlight enables presence-based interactive applications. NET and also multimedia content through the web site

source : detikinet

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Observer Astronomy: Meteor Sporadik explode in the Greater Jakarta Space

To respond to several eyewitness reports of the population in the Greater Jakarta area about some explosion and through mysterious objects in space, observers Astronomy Moedji Rahart confirm it as Meteor Sporadik. That is a fraction of accidental shooting meet with the Earth. "That Meteor Sporadik, not the rain falling" said Moedji to Tempo, Sunday (19/12).
Meteor said Sporadik because only occur once, so it is not dangerous for humans nearby. "If the rain falling, certainly more than one shooting," he explained. Navigate the report of residents in the Greater Jakarta, indicate that the shooting sporadik travel from east to west, according to rotation of the earth toward the east, so it is possible if the meet.

According to Moedji, strong friction between the meteor with earth orbit with a speed of 100 kilo meters per hour, produces effects as seen by the tail witnesses. Moedji analyze, report that witnesses stated that the space object exploded in the sky, the temperature is high enough in the atmosphere due to burning.
"Because of very hot gas in the meteor exploded and destroyed in the sky," he explained. Moedji sure that shooting would produce so very hot flame that is very bright. "Can the sun shines only still visible, especially at night," he said.

He encourage people not to panic. "The phenomenon that has already-general, not to lead to disaster," he said. He ensure that the size of meteor, before the fire and explode in the atmosphere, berdiameter less than 1 kilometer. If more than that, he explained, would astoromi body of the United States and other countries have been detected, "and give early warning to the countries affected," said Moedji.

Judge Malasan, Boscha Researchers at the Observatory, also contacted by phone on the same day, concurred with Moedji. Which until this moment do not anticipate any because convinced that this is normal and not dangerous.

Moedji Likewise, Judge explains, if it is the rain falling, Boscha will follow up by making observations on the next night. Rain falling, he was, happened to two nights a week. However, if not repeated, then the problem will be submitted to the LAPAN which handles air safety.

About the rain falling, the Judge explained, there are usually two-time appearance each year. Around June to July, India, the rain falling Geminit given name. Meanwhile, around November to December, up Leonit rain falling. The naming of this is based on the direction of constellations from which came the rain falling.

Rain falling itself, he was, actually came from a comet 'serpihan' batunya left in orbit when the sun crosses. At the time, the group will meet this meteor with the planet earth as palnet. When meet, shooting, shooting it will burn in the atmosphere that cause the flame from the earth and will appear as flame fireworks. Appearance happened on the night or towards morning Indonesian
source :http://www.tempo.co.id

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Information about Student Loan Consolidation Rebate

Student loan consolidation rebates are usually given by a private company when student loans are consolidated equaling more than $20,000. The more student loans consolidation, the higher the student loan consolidation rebate. This is usually a percentage of the principal loan balance that is either applied to the outstanding loan or sent to the borrower as a cash payment. This can be a very attractive offer, especially when in the form of a cash payment to the borrower.

If you decide to go with a company offering the cash rebate option, make sure to read the fine print. Many companies require that a rebate form be submitted by a certain deadline to process the cash back benefit. If the cash back rebate form is not received, they will disqualify the borrower from the rebate.

Ask the lender what exactly is required to receive the cash back rebate before submitting a signed consolidation loan application. Many companies combine the cash back rebate with other borrower obligations. One company requires that a borrower enroll in their electronic newsletter with a valid email address before the rebate is awarded.

The federal student loan consolidation program is an excellent way to manage student loan debt as well as save thousands of dollars in interest payments. By asking the right questions and knowing what to look for, you can maximize your savings and make sure that you get the best deal possible on your consolidation loan.

Student Loan Consolidation Rebate

This article is free for republishing
Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_605100_5.html

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Action Primitive Intellectual Youth

In the other students started studying in the campus, a number of other students even demonstrate attitudes which should not undertake a tussle with them in between. As this has occurred, follow anarkis students from the University of YAI and the Christian University of Indonesia in Jalan Diponegoro, Central Jakarta, causing a car destroyed.

After police revealed in a number of large, the situation can be and all that more students can enter the campus will be. As a result of this tension, Jalan Diponegoro was paralyzed and closed for several hours [read: Students UKI-YAI Tawuran].

Police not stay silent. To avoid the melee up, Polres Jakpus Taking her second campus. The result is quite astonishing, hard objects hidden in a dangerous ditch. When the suspects held, three students also caught the middle of the street, alcohol in campus [read: Campus UKI and YAI Digeledah].

fracas has been regarded as a rather ordinary things. Therefore, the behavior of primitive squabbling among students must be addressed urgently, because only bring suffering and loss. Stop squabbling, back to the course and make the achievement of glory.

After knowing the event we should be concerned over the situation the country is not better. The actor is that students should build a nation become more better. Lets that it is a successor model.

Economic situation is not stabil, kurs dollar down, The price of oil is down only Rp500 , but where countries come up so better.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indonesian with the fate of the world's crude oil

SINGAPORE - The price of crude oil rose in thin trading in Asia, Friday (14/11). Conversely, long-term weakening trend, despite the OPEC production is estimated to decrease again announced the end of this month. However analysts expressed.

The main contracts of New York, light sweet crude for delivery of the December, rose 32 cents to be 58.56 U.S. dollars per barrel after rising 2.08 U.S. dollars to be 58.24 U.S. dollars in the New York Mercantile Exchange on Thursday (13/11).

Brent crude North Sea for delivery in January, up 27 cents to be 56.51 U.S. dollars per barrel.
December contract maturing in closing trading in London, Thursday, down 38 cents at 51.99 U.S. dollars.

'The price of oil has traded segaris with the stock market, a stronger presence in Asia on Friday, after Wall Street "Rebound" with full strength, "said Victor Shum of international energy consulting firm Purvin and Gertz in Singapore.

"I say that concerns about global recession, I will not believe the increase in oil prices and the stock market," he said.

Since reaching a record high above 147 U.S. dollars in July, oil prices have been reduced about 60 percent in the middle memuncaknya evidence pelambatan global economy, reducing demand for energy.

The State Oil Organization (OPEC) "likely" to run the emergency meeting on 29 November in Cairo to discuss the fall of the price of crude oil, a source told AFP Thursday.

Chairman of the cartel Chakib Khelil, last week, it will reduce production again if the price of crude oil is still below OPEC desire in the range of 70 to 90 U.S. dollars per barrel.

OPEC, which produces about 40 percent of world crude oil, decided last month to cut production by 1.5 million barrels per day to be 27.3 million barrels starting November.

Analysts said if oil prices continue oppressed, the possibility OPEC will announce a decrease in production again.

On Thursday, the International Energy Agency (IEA) cut the projected price of oil in 2009 to be 80 U.S. dollars from 110 U.S. dollars. (ant / KEVIN)

How india with the economy now are dying? diesel will be down given the people involved now are very small suffering?

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Unemployment in Indonesia

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Since 1997 until 2003, open unemployment in Indonesia continues to rise, from 4.18 million to be 11.35 million. Dominated by the unemployed youth, "said Tjepy Aloewie, Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (Depnakertrans), in Jakarta, Wednesday (5 / 5).

In addition to the youth, unemployment also includes many less educated, lived in the islands of Java and located in urban areas. "The intensity of the problem also occurs more frequently in women and the educated unemployed," said Tjepy.

According to Tjepy, unemployment and a half of unemployment is a problem in the estuary that can not be resolved on that point alone, but must also be handled from upstream. "Upstream sector in a lot of impact on unemployment and unemployment is half the sectors of residence, education and the economy," said Tjepy.

There are three assumptions that hopes to reduce unemployment and a half of unemployment. First, the growth of labor average annually can be pressed from 2.0 percent in the period 2000-2005 to 1.7 percent in the period 2005-2009. Similarly the growth of labor, can be pressed into 1.9 percent in the period 2005-2009 from the previous period reaching 2.4 percent. Second, can increase the economic growth to be 6.0 percent in the period 2005-2009 from the previous period reaching only 4.1 percent. Third, the transformation of the informal sector into the formal sector can be accelerated in both urban and rural areas, particularly in agriculture, trade, services and industry.

Source : tempointeraktif

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Friday, November 14, 2008

current child sex

be carefull for parents, especially for women, I have children ... but do not close the possibility laki2 children do the same things I was ....

Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha shake one's head-head shake one's head to hear accounts of the clients.

A Beautiful, 36 years old, the origin of her behavior, telling the hysterical crying daughter, Nita, 11 years old.

Together the two audience in secondary schools, Nita do shameful disgrace the family and schools. "All of us wrong, give him the freedom to watch any impression without being monitored, including the Internet," said Indah sesenggukan. Tangisnya broken so audiences hear recognition daughter imitate scenes make the movie Sex in the City with a brother class.

According to the Boyke, Nita is not the case. There are other patients who complained that the new daughter aged 7 years while chatting with friends shoulder businesslike style grandfather, petting, making love, and the like.

Clinic owners in the Danville Pasutri this story also mentions another:

a teenage daughter aged 12 years that be because they have never been friends of court and smooch. Because the curious, the teenagers find out on the Internet. Interested in practice, he asks her house and pay the driver.

"Not only the smell, so depraved that a driver had to take a hot stage, that is awesome. As a result, the small white, kebablasan, until
pregnant and does all the commotion (family members), "said the specialist sex is sad.

A story is not insubstantial, but that the more closely and frequently occur. Now the standard is very young and know the sex will exceed their parents. "This is not sex education, but knowledge concerning sex kebablasan and that is fatal," said the doctor white RIVERSIDE with this tone.

Three years ago he only serve adult patients about the complaints of their problems. But now, which came pasutri "side" concerning a strange story concerning sex fruit heart. Boyke recognize the ability of children today, which is called the platinum-era generation, so quickly and easily absorb the knowledge and technology.

Consequently, do not wonder if the kid smell kencur is clever to surf adult sites. "The most important, give sex education for children should need assistance, "Boyke leave".

Likewise Boyke, Elly Risma, Chairman of the Foundation and the Fruit We The active provide reproductive health education for school children, mentions the importance of assistance from parents, teachers, and the environment. "They should follow the developments or to update information about the latest seksologi that knowledge, not behind," he said.

Alzena Masykouri, exceptional teachers in the Faculty of Psychology for a University, Jakarta, said the family is the first and the main fence for growth and development of children in and outside the home.

Rapid knowledge of their sex, especially the impact of technological advances that close to the world's platinum generation, need to be skeptical. "Parents do not" gaptek. "Need sentences (children). There should assist (them) and filter information so that the child is not one step," he said.

Alzena reminded, from the kejiwaan, the child must be clever to absorb and sort the information which is not true and correct it. For moral, not until the child is too late into the thinking of information free to adopt the Western world. HADRIANI P

Tips for Safe

Dr. Boyke Nugraha tip to give fruit to understand the hearts of safe sex. Equip yourself with the latest knowledge. Do not forget to learn the anatomy, physiology, biology, moral, and ethical. Do not blame the progress of technology. Cultivate the values and moral dampingi when they access the Internet. Give restrictions concerning the use of technology, such as access to the Internet only make the task of school. Put the computer in the family room and not in private space. Be careful to provide mobile phone. Seringlah discuss and take advantage of the moment to give sex education in accordance with the age, ability, and how to think. To cultivate a sense of responsibility on the small. Give the understanding that every act, including the matter of sex, there is always the risk and responsibility that must be dipikulnya.

Based on the story above the author concludes that the role of parents is important palagi problem sexual.Dihimbau to provide an understanding of the benar2 cooked in the age dini.Mupeng is an expression that must be dealt with very seriously to avoid hal2 a disadvantage because the people lain.Oleh if you agree with the author's explanation of love over the comments and opinions for the creation of sutu life of the young children safe and controlled environment.

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I do not know how much you actually pay for the gasoline to fill ... ... ... but here in Durban, the price of fuel is also expensive. I have been working in the field of fuel / gasoline during the 31 years old, so I can provide some ways to make money you become more valuable to each liter of fuel that you buy. In the Pipeline Marian Hill, where I work in Durban, within 24 hours we infuse / distribute more than 4 million liters.

One day diesel fuel, the next day jet fuel and petrol, LRP and Unleaded. We here have storage as floatation tank with a capacity of 34 liters entirely 16,800,000.

"BUY OR REFUELING fill CAR OR YOUR MOTOR WITH REFUELING DAY STILL TIME TO MORNING LAND STILL When the DINGIN." Remember that all retail outlets have floatation tank storage under cold tanah.Semakin land the more dense / thick fueled. If the temperature starts
hot / warm, then the fuel will expand. So if you buy fuel at
daytime or evening ... ... .. actual fuel diisikan to the floatation tank in your vehicle clearly less than the number of liters you buy. In the oil industry business, the specific gravity and temperature of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, ethanol and other oil products have an important role. A 1 degree is very influential in this business. But retail outlets do not provide indemnity / compensation because of the temperature.

The reason is the more fuel that is in the floatation tank vehicle, the more
a little air to the floatation tank is empty. Gasoline evaporate more quickly from the
we can imagine. Floatation tank of gas storage that we have a roof
The float, which functions as a zero clearance between the petrol and the atmosphere so that
penguapannya can be reduced. Unlike retail outlets, where I work here every truck
we muati no indemnity / compensation due to temperature, so that every liter
purchased amount is appropriate / right.

To remember longest, not IF ANY BODY BENSIN Trucks REFUELING
Medium MENGISI floatation tank STORAGE
Almost certainly gasoline / diesel will teraduk when dipompakan fuel from the truck to the floatation tank
storage, and the likelihood that there will be dirt at the base floatation tank storage teraduk
Full board and the floatation tank into your vehicle. I hope this will help you to get the maximum value of the rupiah, which you use to buy gasoline.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

soundrenaline 2008

Akhirnya setelah beberapa hari absen pulang kampung ehh sempet juga nulis postingan walaupun dengan kepaksaan yang berlipat-lipat n ngantuk berat. Sori banget temen2 blogger sejati postinga n terlambat malu neh baru dapet award ga posting blas. Berhubung ga dapet ide jadi cerita sedikit deh liburan kemaren.

Seperti biasa rumah menyambut dengan kopi panas bikinan ibu tercinta (ndeso cak). Bangun pagi + minum kopi + baca koran sarapan nasi krawu top abiz...rokokan inter (so pasti ga telat donk) kerajaan soulplane emang buat sambutan hangat deh pokoknya. Maklum biasa kos jadi ala kadarnya. puas2in deh klo drumah. sambil menunggu hari minggu yang sudah tak tunggu2 tiap tahun. Apa hayo..?????penasaran kan??? oke mari kita lanjutin "....!!

Soundrenaline 2008 Lap.Rampal Malang
Ya ini dia pagelaran yang tak tunggu2 akhirnya ketemu juga walaupun jauh dari rumah eehh...nekad juga berangkat walaupun sangu pas2an. Setelah semua persiapan beres mulai kacamata, kamera, handuk wes komplit pokoknya berangkat deh....Tepat jam 10 go to the malang city boss...eehh keselip lupa.."mampir dulu ke warung ngopi sek karo rokokan"..!!baru let's go deh berlima naek mobil sama konco2. (tengkyu ya Mas Lingga mobilnya, Mas Tandjung, Mas Fajar, Mas temennya lingga (lali ndul jenenge)...hehehe isin ak).

Dengan perasaan yang ga sabar pengen nyampe...eehhh g taunya setelah mpe malang kita disuruh mampir ma temen2 BOOMERANG di hotelnya (agak lupa neh klo ga salah Gajah Mada hotel ya hehe sori lali cak) jadi niatan ke Rampal ditunda dulu kumpul2 ngobrol bercanda2 ma temen2 Boomerang. mas Roy emang suaranya yahud abiz...mas Hendri hahahha klo ini kocak abis deh pokoknya mas farid ya ini yang asli gresik ama temen2 crew laennya.Tau ga tanpa sepengetahuan kita eehhh...
disitu juga ada artis musisi laen yang nginep dihotel yang sama.

Sepenglihatan ak ada dari d'Masiv + Seurieus band wah banyak deh pokoknya ga bisa sebutin satu2. Emang liburan yang ga bakal bisa lupa. Sebenarnya seh pengen foto2 tapi sungkan alias isin wakakaka kan bareng ma temen2 boomerang..Setelah puas ngobrol2 akhirnya berangkat dulu k konser. Foto2 n Belanja2 wuiiihhh ruame banget hampir 50 ribu orang penuh liat acara nie konser.Emang konser akbar tahunan ini menyedot jutaan penikmat musik tanah air lho...tapi juga ada penonton bulenya kan pengisi acaranya juga ada musisi dari luar negeri.

akhirnya pukul 01.00 dini hari ak pulang. cuapek campur seneng campur ngantuk ga karu2an lah. tapi ada kejadian yang sedih temenku mas fajar kehilang Handphonenya kasian deh..maklum ga ati2 kalee yee jadi kecopetan. Buat temen2 yang ga bisa liat dijamin rugi looo..ditunggu tahun depan ya di Surabaya. Mo liat foto2 laen liat aja di Friendsterku
sekian dulu ya berhubung dah ngantuk laen kali cari postingan yang berbobot dikit ya...

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