Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Microsoft Silverlight Support in Linux

Microsoft and Linux involved in a cooperation that is called a historic. Microsoft's official support Silverlight run on Linux.

Support was born from the collaboration with Microsoft Novell. Both companies will adopt the Moonlight project is a project that was not authorized to bring Silverlight on Linux.

Moonlight originally developed by the members of the Project Mono code after the initial launch of Microsoft Silverlight in May 2007. Now, once adopted by Novell, Silverlight version 1.0 and 1.1 will also be appropriate in Linux. Even Novell promised Silverlight will be used on the main desktop Linux distribution, not only its Novell Linux.

On the other hand, Microsoft promised to provide access to testing tools, specifications, and video and audio codecs used in the development of Silverlight.

Previously, Microsoft only provides support for Silverlight on the Macintosh and Windows. It is limited to the browser Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Miguel de Icaza, founder of the Mono while Vice President Developer Platforms at Novell, mention this cooperation as something historic in terms of the Open Source project relationship with Microsoft. "They (Microsoft-red) have been collaborating in the areas of servers, for example in Xen and PHP, but this is the first time there is a contribution to the Open Source desktop," said Miguel.

According to Miguel benefit from Microsoft's reach users with Linux and BSD. "While we (the Open Source community-red) to ensure users benefit from the Open Source operating system also can open the site using Silverlight," he said.

Silverlight as a competitor called the Flash technology developed by Macromedia. Silverlight enables presence-based interactive applications. NET and also multimedia content through the web site

source : detikinet


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This cooperation is one of the most historic [according to me], but what is behind all of Microsoft's mission has withdrawn with the support siverlight run in linux. Hopefully not!