Friday, November 14, 2008


I do not know how much you actually pay for the gasoline to fill ... ... ... but here in Durban, the price of fuel is also expensive. I have been working in the field of fuel / gasoline during the 31 years old, so I can provide some ways to make money you become more valuable to each liter of fuel that you buy. In the Pipeline Marian Hill, where I work in Durban, within 24 hours we infuse / distribute more than 4 million liters.

One day diesel fuel, the next day jet fuel and petrol, LRP and Unleaded. We here have storage as floatation tank with a capacity of 34 liters entirely 16,800,000.

"BUY OR REFUELING fill CAR OR YOUR MOTOR WITH REFUELING DAY STILL TIME TO MORNING LAND STILL When the DINGIN." Remember that all retail outlets have floatation tank storage under cold tanah.Semakin land the more dense / thick fueled. If the temperature starts
hot / warm, then the fuel will expand. So if you buy fuel at
daytime or evening ... ... .. actual fuel diisikan to the floatation tank in your vehicle clearly less than the number of liters you buy. In the oil industry business, the specific gravity and temperature of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, ethanol and other oil products have an important role. A 1 degree is very influential in this business. But retail outlets do not provide indemnity / compensation because of the temperature.

The reason is the more fuel that is in the floatation tank vehicle, the more
a little air to the floatation tank is empty. Gasoline evaporate more quickly from the
we can imagine. Floatation tank of gas storage that we have a roof
The float, which functions as a zero clearance between the petrol and the atmosphere so that
penguapannya can be reduced. Unlike retail outlets, where I work here every truck
we muati no indemnity / compensation due to temperature, so that every liter
purchased amount is appropriate / right.

To remember longest, not IF ANY BODY BENSIN Trucks REFUELING
Medium MENGISI floatation tank STORAGE
Almost certainly gasoline / diesel will teraduk when dipompakan fuel from the truck to the floatation tank
storage, and the likelihood that there will be dirt at the base floatation tank storage teraduk
Full board and the floatation tank into your vehicle. I hope this will help you to get the maximum value of the rupiah, which you use to buy gasoline.


Be your self by your self said...

aku ucapkan ni aja...semoga anda dapat kebahagian dan keselamatan serta kelancaran dalam setiap aktivitas

Tey said...

slep wel, eat good food and relax and it will refuel all of you.. Love your post. happy weeekend
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