Thursday, November 27, 2008

Observer Astronomy: Meteor Sporadik explode in the Greater Jakarta Space

To respond to several eyewitness reports of the population in the Greater Jakarta area about some explosion and through mysterious objects in space, observers Astronomy Moedji Rahart confirm it as Meteor Sporadik. That is a fraction of accidental shooting meet with the Earth. "That Meteor Sporadik, not the rain falling" said Moedji to Tempo, Sunday (19/12).
Meteor said Sporadik because only occur once, so it is not dangerous for humans nearby. "If the rain falling, certainly more than one shooting," he explained. Navigate the report of residents in the Greater Jakarta, indicate that the shooting sporadik travel from east to west, according to rotation of the earth toward the east, so it is possible if the meet.

According to Moedji, strong friction between the meteor with earth orbit with a speed of 100 kilo meters per hour, produces effects as seen by the tail witnesses. Moedji analyze, report that witnesses stated that the space object exploded in the sky, the temperature is high enough in the atmosphere due to burning.
"Because of very hot gas in the meteor exploded and destroyed in the sky," he explained. Moedji sure that shooting would produce so very hot flame that is very bright. "Can the sun shines only still visible, especially at night," he said.

He encourage people not to panic. "The phenomenon that has already-general, not to lead to disaster," he said. He ensure that the size of meteor, before the fire and explode in the atmosphere, berdiameter less than 1 kilometer. If more than that, he explained, would astoromi body of the United States and other countries have been detected, "and give early warning to the countries affected," said Moedji.

Judge Malasan, Boscha Researchers at the Observatory, also contacted by phone on the same day, concurred with Moedji. Which until this moment do not anticipate any because convinced that this is normal and not dangerous.

Moedji Likewise, Judge explains, if it is the rain falling, Boscha will follow up by making observations on the next night. Rain falling, he was, happened to two nights a week. However, if not repeated, then the problem will be submitted to the LAPAN which handles air safety.

About the rain falling, the Judge explained, there are usually two-time appearance each year. Around June to July, India, the rain falling Geminit given name. Meanwhile, around November to December, up Leonit rain falling. The naming of this is based on the direction of constellations from which came the rain falling.

Rain falling itself, he was, actually came from a comet 'serpihan' batunya left in orbit when the sun crosses. At the time, the group will meet this meteor with the planet earth as palnet. When meet, shooting, shooting it will burn in the atmosphere that cause the flame from the earth and will appear as flame fireworks. Appearance happened on the night or towards morning Indonesian
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Mark Fortune said...

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I guess the Jakarta people are still lucky the falling star exploded in space not falling over their head. He...he...he...
Met malam and met sare

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Make sense....???
Let's find out the truth...

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